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Indianapolis - Louisville
August 18-23, 2009

Riding for the children of fallen heroes.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can you say Saddlesore?

Greetings Comrades,
Hi Friends and Riding Companions,

Congratulations and wish all of you the success you certainly deserve.

I got a chance to see Marty & CB at the Chaplain’s Conference last year, but missed Billy and AWACS somehow.

I’ve probably had more contact with Bill "AWACS" this year because of the opening of the Legacy Run registration (thanks for the new car AWACS) which made me finally realize I haven't really dropped anyone else a line lately.

I had a great time riding with Marty, Billy and CB on the Legacy Run last year. The only one missing from the group from 2007 was AWACS who I know also did a great job getting the run ready.

I’m getting so old that I don’t know if I sent everybody links of my trip between the Convention and Conference last year. That finger I was having a problem with (and I was thinking about cutting off in Montana ) got so infected that I came down with a serious bone infection and was almost ready to happily leave this place. Three little pricks (one scorpion and 2 cactus spines) while camping in the Mojave Desert and I was down like a baby for a few months after things got going because I was too tough to go to a doctor. At least it was a good way to lose weight.

(Which reminds me, how is your foot after that scorpion sting Billy? I actually heard you got stung twice- ouch!)
In any case, my check is in the mail for the 2009 Legacy Run and I’ll know after our Department Convention in June if I’ll still be department chaplain and/or Convention delegate. I ride in the Legacy Run because I believe in it and have fun accomplishing something for the Legion and our veterans, so I’ll ride as long as I’m able to and a P.U.F.L., regardless of my Rider, Post or Department of France positions
I’ll be in DC from 23 April to 7 May where I’ll be trying to repair the damage from dropping the bike 5 times on my 10,116 mile Run- Convention-Vacation-Conference trip (not once before or during the Run or after the conference of course). A new set of hard saddlebags (with left saddle bag guard ), a new front light bar and a larger set of engine guards is basically all I’ll have to do, so it shouldn’t be too much work. I'm slowing down, I only got a little over 13,000 total on both bikes last year including this trip and the pick up in Florida in April.
Look forward to seeing all of you in August.
God bless and keep safe.
An AL Rider and still department chaplain, Post commander and PE Messenger.

Rev. Ron "Gypsy" Moore, D.D.

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