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The American Legion Legacy Run

Indianapolis - Louisville
August 18-23, 2009

Riding for the children of fallen heroes.

An online gathering of American Legion Riders and others interested in the annual American Legion Legacy Run. Click on the "Post a Comment" link following the articles below and join in the discussion!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yarnell, AZ Post welcomes all ALR!

American Legion Post 79 said...
We have a very active Riders group at our post in Yarnell, AZ. Please stop in and visit us if you are traveling our way. Information and directions are on our site:

American Legion Post 79 Yarnell, AZ where the weather lets you ride year round.

Friday, December 18, 2009

American Legion Legacy Run 2010 Registration NOW OPEN.

Registration for The American Legion Legacy Run, August 22-26, 2010, is now open. You can find the 2010 registration/waiver form at, or contact

This year the Legacy Run will travel approximate 1350 miles from Indianapolis to the convention city of Milwaukee.

The final 2010 route, looping to the west from Indianapolis before turning north and back east into Wisconsin and the Milwaukee area, will be finalized and announced in the Spring of 2010.

Register early to be placed back into your 2009 groupings.

As a special treat in 2010, we will be joined by a group of Royal British Legion Riders, who will travel from Great Britain to be a part of our annual run. To learn more about the RBLR, visit their website at

See you all in late summer!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Veterans of Valor

Klay South prowls the hallways of Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, visiting wounded warriors and making life a bit easier for them. Some patients are amputees, some severely burned. Others are scarred and disfigured by torso or facial wounds. South, a Marine Corps veteran, isn’t motivated by sympathy. He relates to these troops because of his own combat experience.

On Veterans Day 2004, during the first battle of Fallujah, South was struck in the face and leg by bullets fired from an insurgent’s AK-47 rifle. A field tracheotomy saved his life, and since then he’s endured more than 40 surgeries and procedures to reconstruct his face. When he visits wounded warriors, he knows their pain. He can look them in the eyes and honestly tell them that life will get better.

South, 33, is the founder of Veterans of Valor, a nonprofit organization formed to help meet the needs of severely wounded servicemembers with specific items, services and programs. During his hospital visits, South distributes hundreds of backpacks with iPods or Sony PlayStations, zip-up hoodies, breakaway pants and other items. Each backpack is valued at more than $500.

“I know what these brave men and women are going through,” said South, after visiting a double-amputee patient. “I have a titanium jaw. I lost 22 teeth and 20 percent of my tongue. Physical recovery is sometimes easier than the mental or emotional aspects of healing. I want them to think down the road, not about their current condition. Things will get better. I’ve survived the journey, and they will, too.”

Besides hospital visits, South invites wounded warriors, their families and caregivers to an evening away from the hospital. During his San Antonio visit, 700 servicemembers and guests enjoyed food, games and camaraderie at a Dave & Buster’s restaurant. Eighty members of the Texas American Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion and The American Legion Riders volunteered to pair up with wounded servicemembers and help in any way they could – even if it meant just listening.

Delegates at The American Legion’s 91st National Convention in Louisville, Ky., unanimously passed Resolution 108 to support the Veterans of Valor program.

“It’s ‘game on’ with The American Legion family,” said South, watching Texas Legion volunteers interacting with wounded Marines and soldiers. “I am amazed at the turnout of Texas Legionnaires on such short notice. Legionnaires want to do something. It’s what the Legion is all about.”

South said he’s also grateful that members from his own Legion home – Post 252 in Greenwood, Ind., along with two other Indiana posts in Carmel and Speedway – donated money and materials.
To learn more about the program, visit

Run Dates Set for 2010!

Mark your calendars now! The American Legion Legacy Run will depart Indianapolis the morning of Sunday, Aug. 22, 2010, and arrive mid-afternoon in Milwaukee on Thursday, Aug. 26, 2010. Stay tuned and visit the new websites at


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Legion Riders from Post 116 "Going on a Cruise"

American Legion Riders Post 116 sponsor A Legion Legacy Scholarship Fundraiser Cruise
September 26th, 2010
7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise from Baltimore, MD

Rates are from for:
Interior Category 4C $724.89
Balcony Category 8C $874.89
Oceanview Rates available upon request
Lower Rates may be available with Non-Refundable Deposit – Please ask for Early Booking Rates
Pricing is per person, based on double occupancy.
Includes all port charges & taxes, recommended gratuities are $70 per person & additional. Optional, but recommended, Travel Protection Insurance is also additional at a rate of $95 per person on interior cabins, $109 per person on balcony cabins.

$35 of your cruise fare will be donated to the scholarship fund, Carnival/Terry’s Travel will match your contribution to equal $70 per person or $140 maximum per cabin towards the Legion Legacy Scholarship
1st deposit of $125 per person due on or before 12/1/2009,
2nd deposit $125 per person due on or before 3/1/2010 and final payment due on or before 7/1/2010.

“Lower Rates May be Available”. Ask About Early Saver Rates – Requires full $500 deposit at the time of booking, deposit is nonrefundable, must be booked at least 5 months prior to departure, based on availability, offer can be withdrawn without notice, some restrictions apply.

For Reservations & Additional Information Please Contact Post 116 ALR Director:
Tim Clarke (, phone # 443-744-1617 Or Terry Heck at Terry’s Travel: 281-855-3067, 800-551-3067

Cruise rates are capacity controlled in US dollars, per guest, & based on double occupancy. Government taxes/fees are included. Air transportation is additional for all guests. Rates are available on select sailings only. Some restrictions (including stateroom category availability) apply. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Ships’ Registry” The Bahamas and Panama.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Legacy Scholarship reaches $609,131.00

I just watched the Tuesday session at National Convention. Departments and Legion Riders from all over the US gave their contributions to the National Comander.

The goal for this year was $400,000. 00. At Convention on Tuesday, august 25th donations have reached $609,131. !!!

This blows all the other years out of the water! It was a thrill to watch everyone give their donations - - it was a great thrill to see TJ get up and give $32,000 (Converse Texas???) wish we could have been there.

I just received word from Bad Bob Crouch that there are pictures out there - I'll keep posting!

Signing off: Flamingo Tina

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Posted from "Doc" Shaw in Afghanistan.

Hi Bill,

I am sorry I was unable to make the Legacy Run for the 3rd year in a row but I am here in Kabul, Afghanistan on what I think is a higher mission. Be it known that I am there in spirit and via reading the blog. I have attached a letter that I would like read to the riders as they come to the great Commonwealth of Virginia. I would truly appreciate it if someone could read it to them.


H. David "Doc" Shaw

Central Post Office Bx 458
Durulaman Road
Kabul, Afghanistan

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Legacy Run Riders,

Greetings from Kabul, Afghanistan where I am currently serving not on a military mission but armed instead with books and knowledge as we educate the hearts and minds of the young Afghans leaders who will lead this country into future. It saddens me that after participating with you all for two years that I am not with you again and cannot, in person, welcome you to my home state, the great Commonwealth of Virginia. Let it be known, however, that my heart and my mind are with you throughout this great mission that you are undertaking. I know it will be another overwhelming success.

I know many of you would like to know of the success of Operation Enduring Freedom here in Afghanistan. The one thing that I learned while living in the D.C. metro area and now even more living here in Afghanistan is that you cannot trust everything you hear, read, or see in the media. To paraphrase Mark Twain, “the news of the demise of Afghanistan is great exaggerated.” I often read the western news and shake my head in wonder as they report mostly negative things about the mission here. I am here, and trust me when I tell you that the U.S. and its International partners are winning the war on terror in Afghanistan and that the Afghan people truly appreciate all that is being done for them. They look back at the dark days of the Soviet invasion and then civil war and their days under the Taliban rule and they truly know what was and could be without the support of the U.S. and the international communities and not a day goes by when we are not thanked for what we are doing for them. I know I am speaking to the choir here as you all support our troops with an undying passion. Please continue to do so and to support the non military mission here as well.

As someone who has done it, I know you all will cherish your ride in the Legacy Run 2009. My memories of the past two years are permanently indelled in my mind. Most memorable, however, is that moment in which we were told that we had exceeded our goals in raising funds for the children of our fallen troops. I know once again you all will be successful in that effort. Have a great ride, a safe ride, and keep the shiny side up.


H. David “Doc” Shaw

Monday, August 24, 2009

South Carolina really gave big!

I received pictures from South Carolina today. This group from Post 178 and Post 166 rode the Legacy Run this year. The first picture is taken at Post 64 in Indianapolis prior to the Run.

The second picture is of Bob Duncan, South Carolina State Director presenting a check for $10,000 from Chapter 178 Murrells Inlet,S.C. Last year they gave $500 and swore they'd be back this year with more - - this was a LOT more!

Continue to send me your pictures ( and I will post them on this blog...Flamingo Tina.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Legacy Run over $300,000!

These overpasses held American Legion, Legion Riders, Auxiliary, SAL and community supporters of the Legacy Run. It made the last few miles into Wheeling WV easier! We salute those volunteers who stood on overpasses and waited for the run to 'ride under'!

The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund goal this year is $400,000. Donations as of this morning were over $300,000. and convention hasn't even convened! Legion Riders from across the nation continued to give donations to National Executive Director Marty Justice at the Legion Rider meeting today in Louisville.

One of the wonderful things about being part of the Legacy Run is hearing about all the ways people collect donations. Mississippi and Hawaii both sold pins during the ride. Some chapters asked for donations from other organizations. Poker Runs, Baskets of Cheer, 50/50's, collections outside grocery stores, meals, raffles, everything from soup to nuts to bring in donations for this American Legion program.

Bill Sloan addressed the Legion Rider meeting today at the Convention Center in Louisville. There are officially 104,000 Legion Riders (according to the Consolidated Post Reports filled out and submitted by every Post for Convention). If every Legion Rider donated $10.00 and brought it to the Legacy Run next year that would be $1,040,000. Simply amazing when you do the math!

If you have pictures from this years run please email me at and let me know where they are posted. Also, National Public Affairs is going to create a CD of all the pics and make it available for purchase - word will be posted on the Legion website -

Here is a picture of Group C from the Legacy Run - Mike Kirchoff was the Road Captain. Group C was larger when we started but Otis had to drop out because his brother-in-law passed away, a couple had to hurry to Louisville for committee meetings and another few moved to other groups. Hope we see all of you back next year.

I'll keep posting as long as people are emailing their pictures to me - and I'm going to download all the pics I have to a site and post where that is. Mike and I are still heading back to Florida. We are in Bowling Green, KY tonight and hope to take a couple of days to get home - - just relaxing and enjoying being on the road.

Signing off: Flamingo Tina

Friday, August 21, 2009

Legacy Run Arrives in Louisville

Picture taken by Laura A. Gibbs on the back a bike (overpass in Eastern Ohio)

The Legacy Run arrived in Louisville at 1:30 pm today. We had a great ride in from Charleston. We only got a litle bit wet! Lots of rain gear - not much water...that's the best news!

The Post here hosted a great lunch and Commander Rehbein took donations and collected $99,000 more dollars!!!

Here is a picture of one of the overpasses with the baloons...I will post more later. I'm at the Kansas Pool party at the Holiday Inn and need to get back - they have Bad Bob Crouch doing DJ in a kilt!

I will be posting where to access all the pictures taken by Legion staff. Bill Sloan has promised me a location within the week - - he is a bit busy you know - he rode the ride, worked the gas stops and now has to do that Legion work stuff...I'll keep you posted!

It has been a pleasure riding with all of you and until we meet again next year...

Flamingotina Signing off

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Legacy Run arrives in Charleston, WV

We left Front Royal, VA this morning at 7:30 am. Post 53 hosted a wonderful breakfast. The weather keeps threatening but we are still dry!
The ride through Virginia down I70 was uneventful. It is beautiful country and the groups continued south and east to lunch in Glen Murray Park, Buena Vista, VA.

Although lunch was in Buena Vista the Lynchburg VA Post hosted us with burgers and dogs in a beautiful park pavilion. Past Dept of VA Commander 'Andy' explained that it was his wish to have his Post host a meal but we were no where near Lynchburg, VA so they brought lunch to us! A great big thank you to the Dept of VA and all the people who worked to make this great lunch stop a reality.

The pavilion was on a rise behind an old farm house next to a creek. They staged our bikes up a small road, some bikes under trees, and the trikes/trailers up on a rise...all in all another challenge!

Have a mentioned all the gravel? I don't have any pictures but there was gravel with 2 U-turns at the Flight 93 Memorial, gravel at the gas stop today (had to park there 2 times). We were staged for gas on the gravel then re-staged for leaving on the gravel. The good news - no events with gravel! The other good news? I can really ride well on gravel now!

The highlight of the day was the last 90+ miles through the countryside on US 60 W. This road goes from Meadow Bluff to Charleston. It is a really nice road with lots of curves, ups and downs, and a few switch backs. Other than some issues with rush hour traffic in Charleston, it was a perfect ride.

The Dept of WV had a hospitality suite at the Ramada in Charleston and last time I checked it was still going strong! The dinner was good and it was fun seeing some new faces! Fifteen riders arrived today from Florida with our old friends Bud and Loretta out of Jacksonville.

Charlie & Ruth from Michigan are keeping track of us on this blog - - Hi Guys!

Tommorow we ride into Louisville and another Legacy Run is going to be over. We're going to bed early so we can get up and stage at 5:15 am.

Did I mention that it rained while we were gassing up in Midland/Meadow Bluff but we were all in the store waiting in line for the restroom - - the bikes got wet but not many of us did!

Hopefully the rain gods will be kind tomorrow!

We want to thank Reverend Ron (Legacy Run Chaplain) for his prayers every morning for good riding and support of our troops. The prayers are working because we've had a few near misses (bikes almost down, bikes down but back up, flat tires, exhaust systems broken, etc.) but nothing really bad has occured.

The purpose of this ride is to bring awareness to this program by escorting the National Commander to Convention and to raise money at individual posts and transport the $$ to convention thereby publicizing the need for donations! Oh, and have a safe ride that the Legion Riders can call their own and of course, have fun!

Today I had fun. Uncle Dick Woods (Head Road Captain) gave us a pointer that I actually heard and tried out today. It had to do with finding the spot where the rpm's on your bike are at the point where you don't have to down-shift, up-shift, or brake when coming into and out of curves. You just roll on and roll off your throttle - - its so simple! I found the zone on my bike and had the best time today! So easy!

Time to sign off: Flamingo Tina from Charleston, WV

ps. if anyone has pictures they would like to share - please post them on Picasa or Walgreens or CVS or Facebook and let me know where to find them. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Legacy Run Going Great - bringing in Donations!

The Legacy Run kicked off Tuesday with a great ride from Indianapolis east to Wheeling, WV. Over 200 riders rode out and as Head Road Captain Dick Woods said "This is the best first day we have ever had - everyone performed as though we had been riding together forever!".

National Commander Rehbein has been collecting contributions to the Legacy Scholarship Fund along the way and as of the first night in Wheeling it was at $89,000.00 (I think we are over $200,000 at this point on Wednesday night). Sarge, Road Captain of 'F' Troop continues to bring in $20 - 30 from perfect strangers at fuel stops and hotels! I even kicked in $5.00 out of my pocket when my cell phone went off during the presentations on Tuesday!

The Legions along the way have been fabulous. Post 64 in Indianapolis hosted the run breakfast on Tuesday morning. Post 526 in Fairborn, OH hosted lunch. Eastern Ohio Posts manned overpasses with a big show as we headed east for West Virginia. There was even an overpass where they released red, white, and blue baloons! Fire Departments hoisted American Flags with booms and children waved flags - it was wonderful!
The McClure House Hotel and the city of Wheeling, WV showed us a great time for dinner on Tuesday and again for breakfast on Wednesday. Even though the logistics were a little tight the welcome we got in Wheeling was outstanding!
Wednesday morning dawned cloudy but still no rain! Our stop at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA was extremely moving. National Commander Rehbein placed a wreath from the American Legion Riders in honor of the heroes that went into that field on 9/11. It was such a great honor to pay tribute to these people.

One of the plaques at the Memorial

A plaque from Motorcycle Riders

Things left at the Memorial

Commander Rehbein presenting the wreath

This is the field where the plane went in -
just behind our motorcycles and to the right.
Tonight we are staying in Front Royale, VA. We ride to Charleston tomorrow.
Flamingo Tina is tired and going to bed! There are tons of pictures that people are taking - I hope they will let me know where they are being posted to - -
Flamingo Tina signing off!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kansas Blog

Follow this link to check out the Kansas Legacy Run Blog:

Chris Krueger, Co-Director
American Legion Riders Chapter 180
Great Bend, KS

Legacy Run Leaders take ABATE of Indiana Advanced Riders Class

As a requirement this year all Road Captains, Asst Road Captains and Tail Gunners went through an ABATE Group Riding instruction and abreviated Advanced Riders Class.

One of the modules was to lift a 900 lb Yamaha Venture off the ground. This is an interesting technique and even a 5' tall 58 year old woman can get a big 'ol motorcycle off the ground! The pictures tell the tale...

Set your feet, turn the handlebars to the left, put your behind into the seat sort of low so your legs are bent - remember - use your legs...not your back then lift!

Grit your teeth and lift some more! Keep pushing with your legs and walk your feet closer to the bike and it begins to rise!

When you get it to a point where it is balancing you put the kick stand down and voila - the bike is up!

This was a great refresher for all of us and we are ready to head out tomorrow. This afternoon at 4:30 we will have our first 'All Riders' meeting. It has been great seeing everyone again this year.

Flamingo Tina signing off.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ALR Legacy Run Blogs

If you are running a Legacy Run blog for your local ALR, please email your link to me.

Also, if you have something you would like to post, email me and I'll make a post to this blog. There are people who follow this run who would like to hear about other groups...

The Road Captain, Asst. Road Captain, and Tail Gunner meeting went well at Post 64. Billy Johnson, Marti Justice, and Bill Sloan have done another stellar job this year. "Uncle Dick" Woods will be our Head Road Captain again this year and other than that it looks like all we need are the 700+ riders that have registered so we can leave on Tuesday!

Signing off: Flamingo Tina

Riders converge on Indianapolis

Mike Kirchoff "Goat" from Florida and "Bubble Head" from Georgia discussing last year's ride! Lunch consisted of lots of conversation about Army vs Marines vs Navy vs Air Force (as usual!) and of course lots of talk about each Legion Rider Chapter.

Hopefully Claudette (tropical storm in the gulf) will not bring a lot of rain for our ride...only time will tell!

FlamingoTina signing off

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And so it begins...

Mike and Tina Kirchof departed Panama City, FL this morning to begin our trek to Indianapolis. We left at 6:00 am and had a great ride up through Florida into Alabama. We hit fog in the low areas but it was blessedly cool!

We made it through Tennessee and into Kentucky before stopping for the night. We will get to Ohio tomorrow to pick up our friend (Dennis) who will be Mike's sweep in our group.

The VFW in Port St Joe donated $500.00 just as we were leaving so we have more money! The St. Andrews Bay Civic Club gave $500.00 and the Det at Tyndall (Red Horse Squadron) cooked burgers and made $447. In all we have $1,447.00 with us to deliver for the Legacy Scholarship Fund.

It would be great to be able to see all the different groups from the air getting ready to converge on Indianapolis (or other points along the route). This is always a time when old friends get back together and ride for a great cause. It is always with great pride that we ride North to gather and ride as a group - American Legion Riders one and all.

Ride safe, everyone and we'll see you on the road!

Signing off: Flamingo Tina

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MD ALR 116 to Shanksville, PA

The MD ALR Post 116 will be departing Wednesday August 19th from Reisterstown, MD heading to Flight 93 Memorial in PA.
We will travel I-70, I-76 & Rte 30. Anyone interested in tagging along please rsvp at

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

President Obama visits with Legion National Commander David K. Rehbein


VA healthcare will not be endangered by national system, says President Obama

Promise made during private meeting with National Commander of The American Legion

WASHINGTON (Aug. 4, 2009) – President Obama, meeting privately with the leader of nation’s largest veterans service organization this morning, pledged to keep the medical care system administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs essentially as is – quelling fears that VA healthcare would be absorbed into a national health care system.
“(I) got his very strong assurance the VA as our veterans know it will continue to exist,” said National Commander David K. Rehbein. “It will not be diluted or folded into some sort of national system and that the folks who go to the VA…that will be considered their insurance, so any insurance requirements (will be met) simply by being enrolled in the VA.”
Another topic discussed during the one-on-one meeting in the Oval Office was Medicare reimbursement to the VA, a proposal long championed by The American Legion. This proposed practice would require Medicare to pay for care provided at Department VA medical facilities to Medicare beneficiaries – that is, eligible veterans over the age of 65 with non-service related injuries, illnesses and conditions. Currently, Medicare is precluded by statute from doing this.
“Medicare reimbursement to VA would be a boon to veterans in that it would encourage them to take advantage of what we consider the best care anywhere,” said Rehbein. It would also generate much-needed revenue for the VA.” The “Medicare VA Reimbursement Act of 2009” resulted from a discussion Rehbein had with House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Bob Filner (D-CA) at the Legion’s DC headquarters just three weeks ago. “I am pleased that Chairman Filner visited with us and then took prompt action,” Rehbein said.
Obama and Rehbein also discussed the positive effects that the enhanced educational benefits contained within the newly enacted and American Legion-pioneered Post 9/11 GI Bill will have on the veterans community and the nation as a whole.
The vexing problem of a dramatically growing backlog of VA benefits claims was also considered by the two. Rehbein said he feels the president “fully appreciates” its gravity and will do what he can to aid in its solution.
Rehbein, obviously pleased with the meeting’s outcome, characterized the 25-minute White House chat as “very friendly…conversational in style” in which “issues were discussed rather than positions being presented.”
With a current membership of 2.5 million wartime veterans, The American Legion was founded in 1919 on the four pillars of a strong national security, veterans affairs, Americanism, and the mentoring of youth. Legionnaires work for the betterment of their communities through more than 14,000 posts across the nation.
Media contacts: Craig Roberts, (202) 263-2982, Cell (202) 406-088 or Joe March, (317) 630-1253; Cell (317) 748-1926. A high resolution photo of Nat. Cmdr. Rehbein is available at

National Commander David K. Rehbein (IA)

Ride Plan from FLORIDA


We are 16 days out before we depart for our journey to Louisville. Mickey and Vinnie have volunteer to be our road captains for our trip. They will start sending out e-mails for things to think about for the trip and finalize the route. Some of you are pros for long distant rides and some this will be the first time. Right now we have 12 bikes and one car, no trailer.

Depart Wednesday, 19th August Jacksonville (Post 316 Atlantic Beach) 9am Arrive Post 380 in Charlotte, NC (4235 W. Tyvola Rd., Charlotte, NC, 28208) the hotel 2 miles from the Post. Rooms numbers have been requested waiting on a response.

Depart Thursday, 20th Charlotte, NC 9am
Arrive Charleston, WV 6pm (meet the group)

Make reservations In accordance with Legacy Run, they have rooms reserved for the run.

Depart Friday 21st Charleston, WV (Follow Legacy schedule to Louisville)
Arrive Louisville, Ky Arrival Ceremony

Make reservations In accordance with Legacy Run, they have rooms reserved for the run.

Sat. Aug. 22 to Sun Aug 23, 2009
- Rider activities, runs sponsored by area ALR chapters, and other events
- 91st Annual National Convention Parade

Depart Monday, August 25th 9am Louisville, Ky
Arrive Chattanooga

Post 95, East Ridge, TN will be our host. I’ll call them tomorrow to give the number of rooms.

Depart Tuesday August 26th 9am
Arrive Lake City 4pm - end of ride folks break off from there or spend the night

Please forward this e-mail to folks within your chapter who are on the master list.

Ride Safe,
Mike "Smiley" Amig
American Legion
Department of Florida
American Legion Riders Chairmen
904-742-0841 (c)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Military and veterans health care should not be part of any national health care bill, says The American Legion

WASHINGTON (July 22, 2009) – The national commander of the nation’s largest veterans service organization has reacted to tonight’s urgent call by President Barack Obama for national health care reform.
“While The American Legion appreciates the complexity of the healthcare reform challenge facing the President and Congress,” said David K. Rehbein, “on behalf of our nation's 26-million veterans and the nearly two million personnel now on active duty in more than 130 countries, we urge Congress to ensure that veterans’ and military health care not be part of any national health care bill. They should be exempt in the legislation.”
Rehbein added, “Our nation must maintain its long standing tradition that veterans’ and military health care systems will remain independent and focused on our most deserving citizens.
“The American Legion has a proud tradition of securing and preserving the earned benefits of America’s veterans,” Rehbein said. “Ensuring timely access to quality healthcare for today’s military and veterans is of paramount concern. These are the citizens who have borne our battles in previous wars as they still are in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have earned our care the hard way. We, as a nation, have an obligation to ensure that their healthcare is not compromised,” he concluded.
With a current membership of 2.5 million wartime veterans, The American Legion was founded in 1919 on the four pillars of a strong national security, veterans affairs, Americanism, and the mentoring of youth. Legionnaires work for the betterment of their communities through more than 14,000 posts across the nation.

Media contacts: Craig Roberts, (202) 263-2982, Cell (202) 406-0887 or Joe March, (317) 630-1253; Cell (317) 748-1926. A high resolution photo of Nat. Cmdr. Rehbein is available at

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Western Legacy Run to National Convention a go!

OK, looks like this thing is going to happen. Feel free to pass this on to others that would like to join in. If you know Riders from the west wanting to join in let me know ASAP. The final route is flexible at this time and we may want to hook up with another group along the way. Looks like we may be going by St.Louis and grabbing a few. Who cares what direction, it's all about the fun and the cause.

Remember that you must register with the National ride to play along. (waivers and all that stuff)

If anybody has more info on what Stony had set up PLEASE pass that on as well. Time is short and no need to re-invent the wheel. This is his dream and I would like to follow through with it for him.

Also, I have two PE Riders (confirmed) in my group doing this thing. If your post would like us to personally deliver your donations to national, we would be honored to do so. Just let me know and get them, in a sealed envelope, with an amount and post identification on the front to me. National seems to like an informal breakdown of how you raised the funds and names and addresses of any large donors you might have (they may send a personal "thank you" to them). Just put that in the envelope and let them worry about the TMI thing. Promote your post, promote this project and thank your donors.

Let's keep this cause going and have some fun along the way.

Shiny Side Up

Todd Harris
American Legion Riders
Director, AZ Post 86
Pony Express Messenger

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Progressive Motorcycle Insurance signs on as Legacy Run Supporter

Our thanks to the men and women at Progressive Insurance, our newest American Legion Legacy Run supporters.

Here's your pop quiz of the day, and it's not an easy one:

"What is the make of motorcycle featured at the top of the page of the Progress Motorycle Insurance website"

First THREE correct answers emailed to (AWACS) gets a free 2006 original-issue American Legion Legacy Run patch. Don't forget to include your mailing address.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have attached a picture of SFC Andy Swenson stationed in Iraq who also is a member of American Legion Riders Post 298, Battle Creek, MI. Although Andy could not attend our events he keeps the mission of the Riders in his actions in Iraq. Andy is missed very much by his fellow Riders, including his wife Jen Swenson. Jen is prior Army herself and has been in charge of the home front while Andy is away. He will return home sometime later this summer for a short leave then it's back to business.

Tom Starkweather, Director
American Legion Riders
Post 298 Battle Creek, MI

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Legacy Run Roommates Needed?

Several Riders have contacted me offering either to share a hotel room with one or more "roommates", or who don't want to pay for a room but are willing to share the costs on the Legacy Run. Please feel free to use this forum (click on comments link below) to leave your contact information if you would like to participate in this cost-sharing arrangement!

See, or our eNewsletters link to the right, for lodging information.

Ride safe and see you all in five weeks. Total registration count now (July 11) is 377 motorcycles with 76 passengers. Can we reach 500?

Bill Sloan

Monday, July 6, 2009

Video of the McVey family

Riders Raise $21,000 for Cancer Kids

Alabama Legion Riders raise $21,000
American Legion Rider Chapter 107 in Leeds, Ala., donates the money to camp for children with cancer.

See the article in The American Legion Online Update at

Monday, June 29, 2009

Red Horse Squadron Cooks for Legacy Run

Members of the Silver Flag Training Site, Det 1, 823rd Red Horse Squadron, Tyndall AFB, cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for the recent Legion Riders Poker Run held at Post 356, Lynn Haven, FL, June 6th.

Members stood out in the heat and cooked all day and raised $447.00. They wrote a check to the Legacy Run that day and it will be delivered to the National Commander by Mike and Tina Kirchoff during the Legacy Run.
Thanks to all the members for their hard work and dedication!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

American Legion Legacy Run GATHER AGENDA

The American Legion 4th Annual
Legacy Run Kick-Off Event
American Legion Post 64
August 16-17, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Doors Open, Post 64 - Registration for Legacy Run Participants

11:00 a.m. Emblem Sales Opens

4:30 p.m. All Riders Brief:
Marty Justis, Executive Director
Billy Johnson, Legacy Run Coordinator
Dick Woods, TAL Legacy Run, Chief Road
Bill Sloan, Legacy Run Coordinator

5:00 – 5:05 p.m. Opening: Salute Colors, Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
Billy Johnson, Legacy Run Coordinator
Reverend Ron Moore, Legacy Run Chaplain

5:10 – 5:20 p.m. Introduction/Remarks from Guests
National Commander – David Rehbein
Indiana Department Adjutant – Steve Short
Megan Smith

5:20 – 5:45 p.m. Legacy Run Contributions:
Dave Rehbein, National Commander
Marty Justis, Executive Director

5:45 – 7:30 p.m. Dinner, Post 64, for Legacy Run Participants and Guests

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

5:15 – 6:00 a.m. Breakfast Post 64

6:00 a.m. Posse Up/Rider Check -in

6:15 a.m. Road Captain, Assistant Road Captain (ARCs) and Tail Gunner (TGs) Meetings
Dick Woods, Chief Road Captain

Note: Immediately following this meeting ARCs and TGs will move out to begin lining up flights in order of departure. They will not attend All Riders Briefing.

6:30 a.m. All Riders Safety Briefing:
Dick Woods, Chief Road Captain

6:45 a.m. Prayer:
Reverend Ron Moore, The American Legion
Run Chaplain

7:00 a.m. Kick Stands UP!!!


Monday, June 8, 2009

I received quite a bit of responses from my original message regarding “another Veterans Corps”…

Thank you all for caring.

From many of the responses, there are valid arguments made for and against this new “Veterans Corps”.

On the one hand, this new initiative, if properly supported by existing VSOs, can help launch an awareness program to returning veterans and introduce them to the traditions of “veterans serving veterans”. This will help increase awareness for VSOs like The American Legion amongst younger veterans and get them involved. And with some mentoring from older veterans, we can expect these young veterans who get involved in the “Veterans Corps” eventually volunteer their time with the VSOs and continue to make an impact. As one legionnaire wrote “If the new Veterans Corps is to strengthen and enable organizations to build capacity for their own missions to assist fellow veterans, then there is a chance this new initiative will actually accomplish something.”

On the other hand, if improperly executed, this program risks wasting taxpayer money and further disenfranchise veterans who are already doing everything they can.

Your collective wisdom has enlightened me in the fact that given this initiative, we can either be counter-productive and argue who can provide the best assistance to our veterans, or we can see this opportunity and work together to help mentor a generation of returning veterans the importance of peer-support and volunteer services to strengthen their communities.

And keeping true to the grassroots, I urge you to find out more about this Veterans Corps and ask your American Legion representatives, and your congressional representatives, to ensure VSOs critical role in developing the “Veterans Corps”.

another Veterans Corps???

Congress is trying to establish a new “Veterans Corps” under the established programs of AmeriCorps. ( The provisions introduced to both the House and Senate asked that the taxpayers to put more money into a bureaucracy and establish a program from the ground up to do the job that so many Veterans Service Organizations are already doing. From what I can tell, this new initiative will give AmeriCorps the funding it needs to establish transition assistance volunteers to help veterans.
Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve always thought the point of VSOs, like The American Legion, are chartered by Congress to organize volunteer efforts, manage donations, and bypassing the government bureaucracy, and putting the efforts and initiatives at the hands of veterans who understand how to help another veteran. Maintaining true grassroots and empowering fellow veterans to serve their peers not only ensure the quality but also the bond that ties a veteran to his/her community. Why do we want to waste more taxpayer’s money to build something that is already there???
So why is the Obama administration looking in another direction on helping our veterans??? Can it be simply that Obama, or Congress, didn’t really think this through? Are they just jumping into the bandwagon to simply do something for the sake of doing something???
If it were up to me, I’d say instead of building another veterans’ service organization under AmeriCorps, Congress and Obama should look at what all of the VSOs are doing, and help build partnership across the board and help facilitate peer support to reduce the redundancy and maximize support to those returning veterans that need the help…
I think this is a case where politics and the appearance of doing something needs to take a backseat. Acting with reason and operating with the best interests of our veterans and servicemembers should be our first responsibility. Congress can really make a difference by coming to the VSOs and ask for an alliance or some sort to establish this “Veterans Corps”… but that’s just my opinion…

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oklahoma Riders looking for group to Indianapolis


I am a member of the Oklahoma Legion Chapter and wondering if there was a Legacy Run planned from our area or even a corresponding state (Texas, Kansas, Arkansas)?

Thank you

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bad Bob and his kilt! A right tartar, he is!

Gooooood Morning to all my comrades, friends and fellow riders. I live in Blytheville, Ar and will be departing for my third Legacy Run on or about 15 Aug. I'll be heading up I-55,I-57,I-70 to Indy. Anyone wishing to join up and ride together please contact me at I ride the red, white and blue Heritage with the American Flag and POW-MIA flag. I will probably wear my kilt along the way. My baby brother will tag along in a chase vehicle this year with a trailer. For anyone that hasn't made one of these, by all means, make it!. It's a great cause we all believe in and a world of fun. Especially with that crazy bunch from Converse, TX. (Where in the world is Converse?) My cell number is 870-740-6038.
Me lub you long time,
Bad Bob

Hi Bill Sloan!!!

Legacy Runs fro OK/TX/KS?

Anonymous said...
Are there any Legacy Runs from Oklahoma/Texas/Kansas area going to Louisville?
Love to know about it.

May 28, 2009 8:56:00 AM EDT

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



We plan to depart Jacksonville Florida, Clarence Hill’s home post Wednesday, August 19th , Stop in Charlotte, NC, depart Charlotte August 20th arrive Charleston, WV (meet the Legacy Ride) Depart August 21st arrive Louisville, Ky (spend the weekend) Depart Monday August 24th arrive Chattanooga, Tn, Depart 25th Chattooga and head for Florida. We have a local Post hosting us in NC and TN, anyone interested please contact Mike Amig at 904-742-0841 or for details.

Mike Amig

ALR Florida

904.742.0841 (c)


IAW the last newsletter, I am sending you and the team an update on how our group (ALR Southern Virginia Chapter) is getting to Indy. Anyone who wants to join along the way is welcome.
15 Aug- Depart Midlothian, VA at 0800. Ride Route 60 all the way across Virginia and most of the way across West Virginia, until we reach Charleston. Take I77 north to Parkersburg, WV for overnight and to meet any riders coming from northern Virginia.
16 Aug- start out on route 50 across Ohio, switch to route 35 at Chillicoate, then take that all the way to I70 west. We'll take I70 into Indianapolis.
These are great roads, and the Interstate riding is kept to a minimum. We had a blast riding this route last year, and the overnight in Parkersburg was a lot of fun, as well. Anyone wishing to contact me regarding a linkup, or finding the Econlodge in Parkersburg, please feel free to email me at

Post 284
Colonial Heights, VA 23834

Motorcycle Endorsements a must!

For safety reasons, the American Legion Legacy Run registration staff will check for proper motorcycle endorsements on participants operators' licenses before issuing the Legacy Run bracelets on registration day, August 17, at Post 64. Don't be caught short! Make sure your license has the proper motorcycle endorsement (if required by your state) before traveling to Indianapolis.

(While you're at it, make sure your license isn't expired, either!)

Indiana's motorcycle endorsement, for example, is an "M" typed front and back on the state driver's license showing successful completion of a motorcycle skills test or course. Other state's requirements and documentation may differ.

As a reminder, every participant is required to be legally licensed and in compliance with all state motorcycle operation and insurance requirements in their home states.

Registration total now up to 160 machines and 30 passengers as of today (Apr 28, 2009). I'm adding more lodging in every city. Will announce rooms here and on


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Troops wished Godspeed on mission

By Jared Felkins
The Times-Journal
Fort Payne, Alabama
Published April 21, 2009

Friends, family and Fort Payne faithful wished the soldiers of the 1343rd Chemical Co. godspeed Tuesday as they left in buses headed to Texas and eventually Kuwait.

“We don’t say, ‘We support the troops, but…’” said Randy Owen, who sang the National Anthem before the deployment ceremony Tuesday at the Fort Payne Armory. “We say, ‘We support the troops and their families.’ If you need anything, we are there for you.”

A large crowd of friends, family and local, state and national officials gathered as about 130 troops were lined in attention to witness the morning ceremony.

“As each of you plan to deploy to Kuwait, it’s an honor to be with you to recognize your contributions,” said Congressman Robert Aderholt. “Protecting our country is something we take very seriously in Congress. You are what makes this nation great, and we will never forget that.”

The troops took a tour of Fort Payne on buses before entering Interstate 59. In Gadsden, the troops met up with about 95 other soldiers also deploying on Tuesday. From there, the National Guard soldiers head to Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas before heading to the Kuwait boarder with Iraq in mid-July. The troops will offer security to convoys while deployed.

“We have the best leaders and the best soldiers in the Alabama National Guard standing before you today,” said Battalion Cmdr. Alan Nayhem. “But the real heroes are the family members.”

Many speakers, soldiers and officials, stressed community support for family members who wished their loved ones goodbye and godspeed.

“I’d like to tell you how proud I am of this group of soldiers,” said Capt Jess Howard. “The next year will be tough on you, but remember it is only a year. To the family members, be your soldiers’ rock of support.”

Fort Payne Mayor Bill Jordan told the soldiers and their families he understood the personal sacrifices each one was making.

“We salute you and wish you the best of luck,” Jordan said.

The American Legion Riders, directed by former company member Randy Ray, led the soldiers to Birmingham on motorcycles.

“All of these who have worn these colors have been there,” Ray said. “We want to support them. We want to give them a send off.”

Between the ceremony and time when troops boarded buses, they had a few hours to say goodbye to family and friends.

“God willing in 11-12 months from now we will be standing right back here in Fort Payne, Alabama,” said Maj. Gen. A.C. Blalock.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2009 Legacy Run Lodging Information

The American Legion Legacy Run planners have negotiated favorable room rates with the following properties at each nightly stop. To reserve your rooms, have a major credit card ready and ask for Legacy Run room rates on the dates indicated. Rooms reserved after the cutoff dates shown above may be available at higher price.

Sunday, Aug. 16 - Monday, Aug. 17, 2009:

La Quinta Inn (Legacy Run Hdqrs Hotel)
Indianapolis Airport 5316 West Southern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46241
Ph: (317) 247-4281
Fax: 317.247.0576
Room Rate: $63.75+tax (rate valid until Aug. 7, 2009)

Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009:

McLure Hotel (Legacy Run Headquarters Hotel)
1200 Market St., Wheeling, WV 26003
Phone: (304) 232-0300
Room Rate $74.00+tax (until Aug. 4, 2009)

Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009:

Cool Harbor Motel (Legacy Run Hdqrs Hotel)
141 W. 15th St., Front Royal, VA 22630
Phone (540) 635-2191
Room Rate $69.00+tax (rate valid until July 21, 2009)
Relax Inn Motel
1801 Shenandoah Ave., Front Royal, VA 22630
Phone (540) 635-4101
Room Rate $60.50+tax (until July 28, 2009)

Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009:

Ramada Plaza (Legacy Run Hdqrs Hotel)
400 Second Ave., Charleston, WV 25303
Phone (304) 744-4641
Room Rate $79.00+tax (until Aug. 6, 2009)
Wingate Hotel
400 Second Ave., Charleston, WV 25303
Phone (304) 744-4444
Room Rate $89.00+tax (until Aug. 7, 2009)

Friday, Aug. 21 - Sunday, Aug. 23, 2009:

Holiday Inn (Legacy Run Headquarters Hotel)
1325 S. Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, KY 40222
Phone (502) 426-2600
Room Rate $69.90+tax (until Aug. 1, 2009)

For more information contact Scott Miller,, or Bill Sloan,, or call 317-630-1321.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Alternative routes to Louisville?

Just happened to stumble upon this blog. I am the State Director for Missouri. This is an excellent alternative to the Eastern Route and we may like to join you in your ride to Nashville. Sorry to hear about Stoney. I would appreciate an email or point of contact for this ride.

Thank you...
Norm Gentry

Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Legion Legacy Run Registration--2009

Registration for Legacy Run

Indianapolis to Louisville - Aug 18-21

Fee Schedule:
Registration fees postmarked before 1 August 2009: $35 per operator, and $15 per passenger.
Registrations postmarked after 1 August 2009: $50 for each participant (operators and passengers). *
Supporters: $35 at any time (not for operators or passengers)
Volunteers: Registration is free to all volunteers and can be accomplished by mail here or onsite before the Legacy Run stops and refueling points.

Register early by printing out the completed registration form and mailing (with payment by check, money order, or credit card information) payable to:

The American Legion Legacy Run
PO Box 1055
Indianapolis, IN 46206

We will mail the ALLR 2009 patch set and mapbook to all rider/operators, passengers, and supporters approximately two weeks prior to the Run.

Volunteers are required to sign a registration/waiver form, but are not charged a registration fee. They will not receive a patch set or mapbook. Volunteers who register and pay as a supporter ($35) will be mailed the patch set and mapbook.

*NOTE: The American Legion Legacy Run, like all public highway motorcycle events, must first consider the safety of all riders, passengers, spectators, and volunteers. For this reason, run safety planners may find it necessary to place an upper limit to the numbers of new participants joining on any day or leg of the Run. Late registrations also create a difficult challenge for local American Legion posts and Riders chapters attempting to purchase food and beverages to support the Run. For these reasons, a guaranteed position cannot be promised after 1 August 2009. Save money and help us create an accurate headcount before the Run begins—register early!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

National Commander David K. Rehbein (IA)

Can you say Saddlesore?

Greetings Comrades,
Hi Friends and Riding Companions,

Congratulations and wish all of you the success you certainly deserve.

I got a chance to see Marty & CB at the Chaplain’s Conference last year, but missed Billy and AWACS somehow.

I’ve probably had more contact with Bill "AWACS" this year because of the opening of the Legacy Run registration (thanks for the new car AWACS) which made me finally realize I haven't really dropped anyone else a line lately.

I had a great time riding with Marty, Billy and CB on the Legacy Run last year. The only one missing from the group from 2007 was AWACS who I know also did a great job getting the run ready.

I’m getting so old that I don’t know if I sent everybody links of my trip between the Convention and Conference last year. That finger I was having a problem with (and I was thinking about cutting off in Montana ) got so infected that I came down with a serious bone infection and was almost ready to happily leave this place. Three little pricks (one scorpion and 2 cactus spines) while camping in the Mojave Desert and I was down like a baby for a few months after things got going because I was too tough to go to a doctor. At least it was a good way to lose weight.

(Which reminds me, how is your foot after that scorpion sting Billy? I actually heard you got stung twice- ouch!)
In any case, my check is in the mail for the 2009 Legacy Run and I’ll know after our Department Convention in June if I’ll still be department chaplain and/or Convention delegate. I ride in the Legacy Run because I believe in it and have fun accomplishing something for the Legion and our veterans, so I’ll ride as long as I’m able to and a P.U.F.L., regardless of my Rider, Post or Department of France positions
I’ll be in DC from 23 April to 7 May where I’ll be trying to repair the damage from dropping the bike 5 times on my 10,116 mile Run- Convention-Vacation-Conference trip (not once before or during the Run or after the conference of course). A new set of hard saddlebags (with left saddle bag guard ), a new front light bar and a larger set of engine guards is basically all I’ll have to do, so it shouldn’t be too much work. I'm slowing down, I only got a little over 13,000 total on both bikes last year including this trip and the pick up in Florida in April.
Look forward to seeing all of you in August.
God bless and keep safe.
An AL Rider and still department chaplain, Post commander and PE Messenger.

Rev. Ron "Gypsy" Moore, D.D.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maryland Welcomes The American Legion Legacy Run

Legion Riders of Maryland are preparing now to welcome the American Legion Legacy Run to the great state of Maryland. After the welcome we plan to join in on the ride to Louisville. Contact Squid from MD Post 116 for more information.

March 3, 2009 4:58:00 AM EST

Friday, February 27, 2009

Registration Now Open for 2009

Latest news and developments for the 2009 American Legion Legacy Run:

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN at, or copy this link into your browser:

The initial cage run is scheduled next week (March 6-8). Run planning team will depart Indianapolis on Friday, March 6, and run the entire route by car. Team will have a chance to see road conditions, look at possible fuel/rest stops, consider alternate routes, points of interest, lodging and hotels, and meet with American Legion Riders and American Legion post officials along the 1,000 mile route.

More to come. Stay tuned.

Bill Sloan
American Legion Legacy Run

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Legion Riders escort National Commander through Georgia

On Friday, January 30th, a large group of Legion Riders from Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina escorted National Commander Rehbein through Georgia on his visit to that great state.

'Sarge' out of Augusta welcomes Mike 'Patches' Kirchoff in Albany, GA. 'Papa Joe' and his crew rode out of Valdosta, and others joined to re-create the Legion Rider escort that usually happens in August.

'Flamingo Tina' and 'Patches' Kirchoff rode up from Panama City, FL for the mini-reunion of American Legion Legacy riders. It was an honor to ride in support of Commander David Rehbein and Department of Georgia Commander Fae Casper.

Many of us are already planning our annual pilgrimage to Indianapolis to participate in the upcoming American Legion Legacy Run. We are planning fund raisers and getting donations so we do not show up empty handed!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ride Plan from ARIZONA. Want to join us?

Dear Bill

It is possible that we can get some riders from California, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah to sign up and ride with the Arizona riders if we let them know that an organised ride is leaving Arizona?

When you get everything set would you include the following on the Legacy Run web page.

There is a Legacy Run departing from Post 40 in Chino Valley Arizona on Monday August 17th. The riders will arrive at the convention site on Fri. the 21st. Any riders from neighboring states that would like to join this group please contact Stony Monday.


Ride Hard - Live Brave
Stony Monday

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The American Legion Legacy Run -- 2009

The fourth annual American Legion Legacy Run motorcycle tour is scheduled for Aug. 18-23, starting in Indianapolis and ending in Louisville, Ky., site of the Legion’s 91st National Convention. The Legacy Run raises money for academic scholarships awarded to children of servicemembers killed in the war on terror.
For the first time, the Legacy Run will head east, moving from Indiana into Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and into Kentucky, arriving Aug. 21 in Louisville (final route planning is under way). After completing a 1,200-mile trip, riders will take part in various Legion activities before leading the national convention’s parade Aug. 23.
Online registration opens March 15 on the Legion’s national Web site ( Participants should consider travel times to and from Indianapolis and Louisville as they mark their calendars. The preliminary travel plan is:

• The American Legion Legacy Run will assemble on Monday, Aug. 17, at Indiana’s Wayne Post 64, 601 S. Holt Rd, Indianapolis.
• Riders will depart Post 64 early on Tuesday, Aug. 18, and move east along Interstate 70 on the first leg of the journey.
• The Legacy Run finishes at the end of the parade route in Louisville. Riders may wish to stay there for the convention, Aug. 23-27. Legion posts in northern Kentucky and southern Indiana have also offered to host events and tours for visiting Legacy Run participants.

For additional information and online registration, visit (click on Legion Programs) or contact Bill Sloan, assistant director, Membership and Internal Affairs, at

Friday, February 6, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

National Commander Special ALR Representatives Named

The American Legion has announced the appointments of Bill Kaledas (MI), and Terry Woodburn (IL), as National Commander Liaisons to The American Legion’s Internal Affairs Commission. Both experienced riders, Kaledas (Michigan Post/Chapter 396) and Woodburn (Illinois Post/Chapter 624) also have extensive leadership experience with mainstream American Legion and American Legion Rider activities.Kaledas has served as a post commander and post adjutant. A member of American Legion Post 396 in Garden City, Michigan, he was one of the original founders of The American Legion Riders and served as the commander of Post 396 during the time the first American Legion Riders chapter was formed in 1993. He was instrumental in helping to build the Riders nationally. Kaledas has also served as mayor of Garden City, Michigan, during his nearly 30 years of American Legion membership.Woodburn has also served as a post commander and post adjutant. He worked at the Legion state headquarters in Bloomington from 1981 through March of 1983, and then the next 16 years in Indianapolis working at the National Headquarters of the American Legion in the Americanism and Children & Youth Division. Woodburn assumed the duties of Department Adjutant of The American Legion of Illinois as of January 1st, 2000. He is a 37-year member of The American Legion and a veteran of the U.S. Army from 1966 through 1972. He has been a motorcycle rider since 1967, and the State President of the Illinois Legion Riders for five years.Both Kaledas and Woodburn have served since 2007 on the National Legion Riders Oversight Board."I am pleased to welcome Bill and Terry as the first special American Legion Rider National Liaisons to our commission," said Larry J. Besson, the chairman of The American Legion’s National Internal Affairs Commission. “They will bring extensive knowledge of The American Legion Rider's structure, history, unique challenges, and vision to the national headquarters, as well as outstanding expertise and demonstrated personal leadership."Kaledas and Woodburn will represent The American Legion Rider community for all matters referred to the Internal Affairs Commission regarding The American Legion Riders. The Commission or one of its subcommittees will study and make recommendations to the National Executive Committee or The National Convention delegates on resolutions submitted from the various departments on any matter related to The American Legion Riders.“Now the American Legion Riders have a strong voice at the table,” added John W. Querfeld, Director, Internal Affairs. “With the growth of The American Legion Riders to nearly 1,000 chapters worldwide, it was appropriate to bring two long-time riders as consultants to the national level of the Legion.”For additional information contact Bill Sloan, Assistant Director, Membership and Internal Affairs, at