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The American Legion Legacy Run

Indianapolis - Louisville
August 18-23, 2009

Riding for the children of fallen heroes.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

August 15th - On the Road

Mike & I picked up 'Papa Joe' this morning and headed for Indianapolis. Our ride was uneventful - just lots of trucks and pot holes on I65! We arrived around lunch time (time change!) and we checked into the La Quinta.

Ron from Germany (Dept of France) bought another
bike on EBay and rode over from Washington, DC. He got a
bigger bike (last year on a small Kawasaki also purchased
on EBay!). Ron is third from the right. You've got to love his dedication!

We arrived in time to visit with some new friends. Ken "Casper" Jones from Scott, LA rides out of China Post 1/Shanghai, China 'Operating in Exile'. Mike and I are also riding out of China Post 1.

Marty Skaggs, Director of Indianapolis Riders Chapter 64
was on hand to greet Riders who arrived
at the Post this afternoon. Post 64 is a
wonderful Post that greeted us road-weary Riders.
(middle of the picture)
Mike (Group 2 Road Captain, Soko (Ks) Group 3 Road Captain, and Papa Joe
The group from Kansas!
Tomorrow we have Road Captain Meetings, Riders keep arriving, and we'll have our Riders meeting around 7:00 pm at Post 64. Can't wait! Wish all of you were here with us to enjoy this big time! All these Legion Riders converging to ride for this great cause - the American Legion Legacy Run.
Flamingo Tina signing out.


Shaman said...

Well! Sounds like a great time and ride. Tell Papa Joe I said howdy. Your all doing a great thing and having fun. Love the pics. Patches looks like he's holding up great! Will continue following you all as you ride along.

Flamingo Tina said...

Thanks for keeping in touch!