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August 18-23, 2009

Riding for the children of fallen heroes.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ALR Poet Laureate Dan McGuire

Below is a stunningly beautiful poem that Dan McGuire, a Legacy Run comrade, wrote on August 15, just after arriving in Indianapolis with the gang from Maryland. See his daily reflections on life, motorcycles, Flights and Units, and 18-wheelers here and at

Couldn’t sleep last night
Dragged myself out of bed.
Loaded stuff on the B’Mer
The battery was dead.

I stood there quite baffled,
Really, how could it be?
Then I recalled little Eva
Laughing, playing my CD.

I gave the bike a push
Rolled it down the drive
Slowly let the clutch out.
The B’Mer came alive!

It was still quite early,
When I headed for the meet.
Figured I’d get some coffee
A little something to eat.

I was first at Arby’s
Looking for the men.
Is anyone aware
Arby’s opens up at ten?

You’d never guess to hear us,
Shouting, music and horn.
It’d been a half century
Since any of us were born.

Squid was elected our leader,
I’d love to make him stop
Rearranging all the riders
For that first photo op.

We really looked quite organized
A staggered block long chain.
Then our leaders redirected us
By random change of lane.

We lunched in Pennsylvania,
The traffic was a pity.
The roads and lines of travel,
Surely designed by committee.

We left a strong contingent
The long trip a thing of pride
We all felt a bit comfort
On the trailer was not our ride.

The fallen steed is now on trailer
Sympathy to our comrade Jay.
Tomorrow a gang of 11?
Right now I cannot say.

We saw the night’s accommodations
Our expectations were quite low
What the Econolodge delivered
We’d prefer you do not know.

---Dan McGuire, August 15, 2008

More to come! For more blogging content and pictures of the "Reisterstown Riders" and The American Legion Legacy Run, go to the Maryland Post 116 website:

1 comment:

M. Peeling said...

Hi,Mike here from Post 116. Couldn't make the ride but am following your progress via the ALR website. Have a safe ride and keep the poems coming Dan they're great. See you all when you return from this ride for a great cause.