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Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, August 18, St. Robert, MO to Oklahoma City, OK

Another day - - another 384 miles!

Note: I got the video to load but couldn't get any pictures to load tonight. Sorry! I'll try again to load pictures taken today when I get to New Mexico - don't you just love technology!

One of the challenges of riding cross country is fuel stops. Here is Wanda Haines on what it is like to set one of these up.

We left St. Robert in beautiful weather that felt like 57 degrees. It was a glorious ride and today we really started to gel as a group. People you've never known before rode next to you like you'd been riding together for years! It is still a challenge to ride in close quarters!

There have been a lot more donations. Billy is going to give me a number when I see him tomorrow - - the National Commander just keeps taking donations at each stop!

The American Legion Riders in Missouri worked our gas stop in Joplin, MO. What an awesome sight to see their bike-mounted flags waving! Also, the Harley dealer was there to sell some great Route 66 T-shirts.

We rode Route 66 for about 60 miles today - the Mother Road! Awesome!

Post 308 in Tulsa, Ok made us a great lunch. I'm from Texas and Brisket is the bomb! It was my favorite lunch so far!

However, we hit the proverbial rain leaving Tulsa! We knew we couldn't ride 1800 miles without getting wet but it would have been better if we could have ridden into Ok City without being wet! We arrived into Oklahoma City at rush hour traffic and I'm sure the Ok City drivers would have loved it if we hadn't ridden in with 200+ bikes right into their normally disfunctional commute! What happened to that Police support???

We arrived at the Biltmore Hotel at 5:30 pm and checked in. We then found food, found drinks, visited with friends, and then found beds!

Posse up is at 7:30 am in the morning and we ride to Tucumcari, NM...wish all you Legion Riders could be here riding with us - - we'll catch you on the flip/flop!

I'm still trying to find out where they are posting the pictures taken by the photographer on the ride! If you know, please email me at

It is time for bed - but I'm watching the tie breaker in the women's gymnastics on the tube - I think the U.S. just took the Silver - Oh well! From Oklahoma City - - I bid you goodnight!

Signing off: Flamingo Tina

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