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The American Legion Legacy Run

Indianapolis - Louisville
August 18-23, 2009

Riding for the children of fallen heroes.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Legacy Run arrives in Charleston, WV

We left Front Royal, VA this morning at 7:30 am. Post 53 hosted a wonderful breakfast. The weather keeps threatening but we are still dry!
The ride through Virginia down I70 was uneventful. It is beautiful country and the groups continued south and east to lunch in Glen Murray Park, Buena Vista, VA.

Although lunch was in Buena Vista the Lynchburg VA Post hosted us with burgers and dogs in a beautiful park pavilion. Past Dept of VA Commander 'Andy' explained that it was his wish to have his Post host a meal but we were no where near Lynchburg, VA so they brought lunch to us! A great big thank you to the Dept of VA and all the people who worked to make this great lunch stop a reality.

The pavilion was on a rise behind an old farm house next to a creek. They staged our bikes up a small road, some bikes under trees, and the trikes/trailers up on a rise...all in all another challenge!

Have a mentioned all the gravel? I don't have any pictures but there was gravel with 2 U-turns at the Flight 93 Memorial, gravel at the gas stop today (had to park there 2 times). We were staged for gas on the gravel then re-staged for leaving on the gravel. The good news - no events with gravel! The other good news? I can really ride well on gravel now!

The highlight of the day was the last 90+ miles through the countryside on US 60 W. This road goes from Meadow Bluff to Charleston. It is a really nice road with lots of curves, ups and downs, and a few switch backs. Other than some issues with rush hour traffic in Charleston, it was a perfect ride.

The Dept of WV had a hospitality suite at the Ramada in Charleston and last time I checked it was still going strong! The dinner was good and it was fun seeing some new faces! Fifteen riders arrived today from Florida with our old friends Bud and Loretta out of Jacksonville.

Charlie & Ruth from Michigan are keeping track of us on this blog - - Hi Guys!

Tommorow we ride into Louisville and another Legacy Run is going to be over. We're going to bed early so we can get up and stage at 5:15 am.

Did I mention that it rained while we were gassing up in Midland/Meadow Bluff but we were all in the store waiting in line for the restroom - - the bikes got wet but not many of us did!

Hopefully the rain gods will be kind tomorrow!

We want to thank Reverend Ron (Legacy Run Chaplain) for his prayers every morning for good riding and support of our troops. The prayers are working because we've had a few near misses (bikes almost down, bikes down but back up, flat tires, exhaust systems broken, etc.) but nothing really bad has occured.

The purpose of this ride is to bring awareness to this program by escorting the National Commander to Convention and to raise money at individual posts and transport the $$ to convention thereby publicizing the need for donations! Oh, and have a safe ride that the Legion Riders can call their own and of course, have fun!

Today I had fun. Uncle Dick Woods (Head Road Captain) gave us a pointer that I actually heard and tried out today. It had to do with finding the spot where the rpm's on your bike are at the point where you don't have to down-shift, up-shift, or brake when coming into and out of curves. You just roll on and roll off your throttle - - its so simple! I found the zone on my bike and had the best time today! So easy!

Time to sign off: Flamingo Tina from Charleston, WV

ps. if anyone has pictures they would like to share - please post them on Picasa or Walgreens or CVS or Facebook and let me know where to find them. Thanks!

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