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The American Legion Legacy Run

Indianapolis - Louisville
August 18-23, 2009

Riding for the children of fallen heroes.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Legacy Run Going Great - bringing in Donations!

The Legacy Run kicked off Tuesday with a great ride from Indianapolis east to Wheeling, WV. Over 200 riders rode out and as Head Road Captain Dick Woods said "This is the best first day we have ever had - everyone performed as though we had been riding together forever!".

National Commander Rehbein has been collecting contributions to the Legacy Scholarship Fund along the way and as of the first night in Wheeling it was at $89,000.00 (I think we are over $200,000 at this point on Wednesday night). Sarge, Road Captain of 'F' Troop continues to bring in $20 - 30 from perfect strangers at fuel stops and hotels! I even kicked in $5.00 out of my pocket when my cell phone went off during the presentations on Tuesday!

The Legions along the way have been fabulous. Post 64 in Indianapolis hosted the run breakfast on Tuesday morning. Post 526 in Fairborn, OH hosted lunch. Eastern Ohio Posts manned overpasses with a big show as we headed east for West Virginia. There was even an overpass where they released red, white, and blue baloons! Fire Departments hoisted American Flags with booms and children waved flags - it was wonderful!
The McClure House Hotel and the city of Wheeling, WV showed us a great time for dinner on Tuesday and again for breakfast on Wednesday. Even though the logistics were a little tight the welcome we got in Wheeling was outstanding!
Wednesday morning dawned cloudy but still no rain! Our stop at the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, PA was extremely moving. National Commander Rehbein placed a wreath from the American Legion Riders in honor of the heroes that went into that field on 9/11. It was such a great honor to pay tribute to these people.

One of the plaques at the Memorial

A plaque from Motorcycle Riders

Things left at the Memorial

Commander Rehbein presenting the wreath

This is the field where the plane went in -
just behind our motorcycles and to the right.
Tonight we are staying in Front Royale, VA. We ride to Charleston tomorrow.
Flamingo Tina is tired and going to bed! There are tons of pictures that people are taking - I hope they will let me know where they are being posted to - -
Flamingo Tina signing off!

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