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The American Legion Legacy Run

Indianapolis - Louisville
August 18-23, 2009

Riding for the children of fallen heroes.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Legacy Run over $300,000!

These overpasses held American Legion, Legion Riders, Auxiliary, SAL and community supporters of the Legacy Run. It made the last few miles into Wheeling WV easier! We salute those volunteers who stood on overpasses and waited for the run to 'ride under'!

The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund goal this year is $400,000. Donations as of this morning were over $300,000. and convention hasn't even convened! Legion Riders from across the nation continued to give donations to National Executive Director Marty Justice at the Legion Rider meeting today in Louisville.

One of the wonderful things about being part of the Legacy Run is hearing about all the ways people collect donations. Mississippi and Hawaii both sold pins during the ride. Some chapters asked for donations from other organizations. Poker Runs, Baskets of Cheer, 50/50's, collections outside grocery stores, meals, raffles, everything from soup to nuts to bring in donations for this American Legion program.

Bill Sloan addressed the Legion Rider meeting today at the Convention Center in Louisville. There are officially 104,000 Legion Riders (according to the Consolidated Post Reports filled out and submitted by every Post for Convention). If every Legion Rider donated $10.00 and brought it to the Legacy Run next year that would be $1,040,000. Simply amazing when you do the math!

If you have pictures from this years run please email me at and let me know where they are posted. Also, National Public Affairs is going to create a CD of all the pics and make it available for purchase - word will be posted on the Legion website -

Here is a picture of Group C from the Legacy Run - Mike Kirchoff was the Road Captain. Group C was larger when we started but Otis had to drop out because his brother-in-law passed away, a couple had to hurry to Louisville for committee meetings and another few moved to other groups. Hope we see all of you back next year.

I'll keep posting as long as people are emailing their pictures to me - and I'm going to download all the pics I have to a site and post where that is. Mike and I are still heading back to Florida. We are in Bowling Green, KY tonight and hope to take a couple of days to get home - - just relaxing and enjoying being on the road.

Signing off: Flamingo Tina

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