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The American Legion Legacy Run

Indianapolis - Louisville
August 18-23, 2009

Riding for the children of fallen heroes.

An online gathering of American Legion Riders and others interested in the annual American Legion Legacy Run. Click on the "Post a Comment" link following the articles below and join in the discussion!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Legacy Run Arrives in Louisville

Picture taken by Laura A. Gibbs on the back a bike (overpass in Eastern Ohio)

The Legacy Run arrived in Louisville at 1:30 pm today. We had a great ride in from Charleston. We only got a litle bit wet! Lots of rain gear - not much water...that's the best news!

The Post here hosted a great lunch and Commander Rehbein took donations and collected $99,000 more dollars!!!

Here is a picture of one of the overpasses with the baloons...I will post more later. I'm at the Kansas Pool party at the Holiday Inn and need to get back - they have Bad Bob Crouch doing DJ in a kilt!

I will be posting where to access all the pictures taken by Legion staff. Bill Sloan has promised me a location within the week - - he is a bit busy you know - he rode the ride, worked the gas stops and now has to do that Legion work stuff...I'll keep you posted!

It has been a pleasure riding with all of you and until we meet again next year...

Flamingotina Signing off

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